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Foresee Population Health Management

Improves the efficiency and operating costs of the practice and enhance the quality of patient care

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ForeSee Medical’s Population health management software aggregates data across healthcare systems and stores patient data for analysis. The best population health software tools provide large amounts of patient data and analytics tools to better predict patient health conditions. Other functions of a population management system help to manage care delivery across a population.

As population health management improves over time, new best practices for at-risk patients will continue to be discovered. Population health management systems with sound care administration, proper understanding of risk management, and a well managed delivery system will reduce costs while patients benefit from higher levels of engagement.

ForeSee Medical’s risk adjustment software uses proprietary disease algorithms and machine learned natural language processing to rationalize your patient data across the healthcare system. Using artificial intelligence (AI) we discover diseases from text notes and EHR data you already have. Then, we empower you with insightful HCC risk adjustment support and integrate it seamlessly with your population health management platform.

Foresee Population Health Management