Forcura's Mobile Care Coordination

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Forcura's Mobile Care Coordination

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Care Coordination

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Capture clinical and administrative data and communicate securely, all while seamlessly integrating with your EHR. Forcura’s care coordination software is the leading HIPAA-compliant mobile solution designed for post-acute care organizations. Manage and track all of your outstanding orders, referrals, labs, and other documents in one cloud-based platform.


  • Connect Remote Care Teams

Keep your field and back-office staff connected.

  • Improve Compliance

Forcura is 100% HIPAA-compliant, it’s that simple.

  • Extend Your Referral & Orders Tracking Process

Get the documents you need from clinicians in the field.

  • Build Comprehensive Patient Record

Enhance the patient chart with real-time field data.


  • Secure Communication

The simple and intuitive design enables your team to share messages, images, videos, and documents securely from their own device.

  • Video Call

Field clinicians can securely communicate face-to-face with team leaders and subject matter experts allowing the best patient care to be administered in the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. All video conferences are logged and recorded in the patient’s chart.

Forcura's Mobile Care Coordination