Flywire’s Payment Platform

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Flywire’s Payment Platform

Delivering big results by personalizing the patient payment experience at every step of their journey

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Just like every patient’s visit is personal, their billing and payment experience should be too. Trusted by hundreds of provider clients, including 4 of the top 10 health systems in the US, with over 30% of households served. Flywire’s analytics-driven payment platform engages patients at every stage in the financial journey with easy-to-understand, affordable payment options.

Whether you’re looking to increase collections, reduce costs, or make your payment experience friendlier, Flywire can help.

Proven Results for Providers:

  • 15% increase in self-pay
  • 21 % reduced cost per payment
  • 43 % increase in patient satisfaction
  • 71% self-activated payment plans
  • 40% reduction in call volume

Flywire surveys every patient after they use our platform. With over 1M patients surveyed, we know what patients want: simplified billing, affordable options, and empowering tools.

Flywire’s Payment Platform