FLOW - Patient Empowerment Solution

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FLOW - Patient Empowerment Solution

Connecting the global healthcare ecosystem, our clinically-driven patient empowerment solutions optimise preventative healthcare

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FLOW - Our New GP Software Platform:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing challenges faced by GPs, we are pleased to launch FLOW, our new clinically driven patient empowerment solution. Flow helps create a safer and more efficient manner for GPs to treat patients and free up procedural and administration time by up to 75%. video and face to face consultations are both supported.

Connecting the Global Healthcare Ecosystem to Optimise Preventative Healthcare:

Full Health Medical’s clinically driven patient empowerment solutions optimize preventative health. Across a lifetime journey, our platform helps address the rise of chronic disease and the lack of transparency around medical data for patients.

How It Works:

Our platform converts complex medical data into easy to understand green, amber, and red indicators, with clear action plans and recommendations for individuals.

  • User-friendly workflow
  • Medical data capture
  • Analysis
  • Insights & Action
FLOW - Patient Empowerment Solution