Fathom's Medical Coding Automation

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Fathom's Medical Coding Automation

Effortlessly add the capacity to code millions of charts per day

Artificial Intelligence Medical Coding

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Use our AI to ease the burden on your coding team. In one quick step, we can review your incoming charts, process the charts that can be coded by our system, and then pass the remainder to your current coding operation, allowing them to focus on the most critical charts while drastically reducing your overall coding costs.

A turn-key solution that combines our AI system with world-class medical coders to handle all your coding needs, resulting in up to a 70% reduction in coding costs while increasing speed, accuracy, and security.

Use AI to check your coder or coding vendors work to ensure completion and accuracy. Our system looks at every coded chart and flags any that may represent a potential denial or unnecessary downcoding.

Fathom's Medical Coding Automation