EZDI - Clinical Documentation Improvement

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EZDI - Clinical Documentation Improvement

Transform clinical data into quality, compliance and revenue improvement opportunities

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

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ezCDI helps build work lists that have the highest probability of documentation improvement, directly impacting reviews, reports, receivables, and compliance metrics.

With features like discuss with colleague and electronic queries, collaboration with CDI, coding and HIM professionals, physicians, and auditors expedites and enhances the decision making process.

ezCDI allows continuous oversight of the CDI process by tracking CDI productivity and accuracy. It allows comparison of record volumes reviewed over the length of stay. CDI and HIM supervisors are empowered to monitor every aspect of the CDI process as it occurs. ezCDI provides leadership with the power to visualize key performance indicators that are easy to interpret and translate into meaningful actions.


  • Automate your CDI Processes
  • Reduce A/R and DNFB Days
  • Elevate documentation quality
  • Increase CMI & Quality Scores
  • Support accurate coding and compliance
  • Improve CDI staff recruiting, retention and satisfaction
EZDI - Clinical Documentation Improvement