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eVideon Solutions

Facilitate the delivery of care throughout the patient’s journey

Interactive Patient Systems

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Patient Experience

eVideon provides patients, their families and visitors with more options, enjoyment and control during their stay. With eVideon’s bedside solution, patients are entertained, engaged and educated, improving experience and outcomes.

Patient Education

The eVideon system utilizing patient education videos and interactive learning leads patients and their families through their education journey. Patients and family can learn about their diagnosis, what to expect during their hospital stay, how to engage in their own care, and how to care for themselves after discharge.

Clinical Solutions

eVideon integrates with your hospital’s electronic health record system to assign media and personalize the patient’s language, options and views. Tools are integrated into the EHR, making it easy for nurses to begin the education process, see video viewing history and assessment results.

Workflow Solutions

Hospitals see an immediate increase in patient satisfaction after implementing an eVideon IPTV system. Patients know how to care for themselves in the hospital and at home, leading to reduced readmissions and better patient safety.

Technology Solutions

eVideon delivers HD television over an Ethernet network. Live channels, video on demand, educational media and a rich user interface are delivered seamlessly to televisions, computers and touch displays.

eVideon Solutions