Evidence-based Physician Engagement Solutions

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Evidence-based Physician Engagement Solutions

Precision ML: The Newest Approach to HCP Marketing

Provider Experience Evidence-Based Care

Do you know anyone using Evidence-based Physician Engagement Solutions?

Evidence-based Physician Engagement on the OptimizeRx Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform will transform your approach to healthcare marketing.

Deliver clinically contextual information within the EHR with a predictive digital engagement solution. Help HCPs identify and qualify patients for therapy, and understand patient access for their patients, in real-time.

Break free from healthcare marketing campaigns that rely on old real-world data (RWD) application methodologies. Our approach applies a precision engagement method to deliver EHR messaging based on the care milestones happening in the present.

Our solution identifies HCPs who are treating patients who are qualified for your therapy, today. You can assist them in the timely identification of patients, raise awareness of patient access pathways, and help to identify early indicators of non-adherence among their patients.

Evidence-based Physician Engagement enables you to deliver immediately actionable information that drives outcomes, because you can be confident that the HCP has a current patient that will benefit.

We leverage de-identified third-party real-world data sets to infer what is happening in real-time at the point-of-care and deliver contextual information from life sciences to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The Smartest Patient-First Approach

Our patent-pending precision ml technology is the backbone of our Evidence-based Physician Engagement solution. It’s the only approach that’s truly rooted in the patient journey, not past behavior. We leverage real-time care encounters to identify a future need.

Evidence-based Physician Engagement Solutions

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