Envi® Hospital

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Envi® Hospital

A complete materials management system for hospitals, IDNs, and care continuum

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Make better, informed buying decisions and drive better contract compliance utilizing Envi’s full suite of materials management features.

Features of Envi® Hospital:

Smart Purchasing:

Order entry on multiple devices.

Full barcode scanning.

Create customized favorite lists.

Simple Receiving:

Receive supplies with just a few clicks.

Track receipts by packing slip.

Scan packing slips and attaches to PO.

Product Usage:

Track product usage on multiple devices.

Track usage by department, physician, patient.

Manage products by lot, serial, and expiration dates.

Inventory Control:

Always know whats on the shelf with real-time inventory updates.

Auto-replenish supplies are based on par levels.

Support of 2-Bin (Kanban) process.

Product Catalogs:

Support of enterprise-wide catalog.

Simply find products even if they arent currently in your formulary.

Search our industry catalog of implants.

Invoice Matching:

Electronic 3-way document match (PO, receiver, invoice).

Price and quantity validation.

Pre-populated GL codes.

Envi® Hospital