Enterprise Remote Patient Monitoring

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Enterprise Remote Patient Monitoring

Take an enterprise approach to managing patient care at home

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Tailor your remote healthcare platform to support the entire patient journey - from acute patient care to chronic care management. Access a single view into population health through the most sophisticated, data-first remote healthcare platform available.

Single, Integrated Experience

We prioritize simplicity so that our technology is accessible to all populations. This is why we see patient adherence consistently above 90% the highest in the market. Our deep EMR integration enables us to fit seamlessly into provider workflows and serve as the platform for remote care programs across the health system.

Tailored Clinical Monitoring

Our platform is uniquely capable of monitoring large amounts of diverse health data. Our advanced monitoring can be tailored to the disease and acuity-level of each patient, ranging from continuous vital sign monitoring to wireless data capture through our network of best-in-class integrations.

Actionable Insights

We’ve designed the most sophisticated clinical algorithms able to flag early signs of health deterioration. Our focus is on turning data into actionable insights so providers can focus on patient treatment. This allows us to support providers during large-scale deployments for thousands of patients across a single organization.

Enterprise Remote Patient Monitoring