EMR / EHR Integration Solutions

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EMR / EHR Integration Solutions

Unify your EMR to achieve a truly integrated electronic health record


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To improve medical staff efficiency, improve healthcare quality, and reduce overall costs, we develop custom healthcare solutions with features that allow doctors and patients to schedule/manage appointments, access integrated communication features that allow patients to interact with doctors, and more.

Custom Healthcare Solutions

We create patient portals to make it easier for patients to access their health information and play a more active role in their healthcare plans, as well as to streamline clinical workflows, manage bilateral patient data, improve doctor-patient communication, and manage E-Prescriptions, among other things.

Interactive Patient Portals

Our HIPAA/GDPR-compliant EMR/EHR Software Options comply to HL7 standards and PHI rules, assuring safe and secure patient data transfers using cloud hosting solutions for optimum data storage, safety, and scalability.

EMR / EHR Integration Solutions