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Embrace2 is the only FDA-cleared wrist-worn wearable in epilepsy. It detects possible convulsive seizures and instantly alerts caregivers, whether they are sleeping next door or are living miles away. Created to offer round-the-clock safety and comfort, to help people with epilepsy get help when they need it most.

Embrace2 has the highest accuracy of all at-home, wearable consumer devices for epilepsy, making it the most reliable option for seizure alerting around-the-clock. With its unique rest mode, Embrace is optimized to detect any possible convulsive seizures during sleep or periods of rest with practically no disruptions.


  • A solution you can trust, cleared by the FDA for adults & children aged six and up.

  • Always on the lookout, 48h+ of battery life to keep you covered day and night.

  • Never leaves your side, a quick 30 min charge powers up a full day.

  • Discreet and stylish for a comfortable and personalized look.