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Electronic Prescription Management

Tighten up your practice’s prescription process


Do you know anyone using Electronic Prescription Management?

Practices and pharmacies are struggling to control the misuse of opioids and other prescription medications. Thankfully, we have a new tool to address this growing problem. Electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS) uses identity proofing, two-factor authentication, and biometrics to make the prescribing process seamless and safe. With EPCS, your practice can:

  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent, stolen, or altered prescriptions.
  • Eliminate dual workflows.
  • Protect patients and save them time at the pharmacy.

The days of handwritten prescriptions have mostly faded into memory. Today, providers access, verify, and move critical patient data around in just a few keystrokes. Our ePrescribe functionality is a crucial component in this daily mix. With ePrescribe, your clinicians can now electronically:

  • Transmit accurate prescriptions to pharmacies.
  • Receive eligibility and formulary information.
  • Display medication fills history information.
Electronic Prescription Management