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Elation EHR

Everything you need to offer personal and informed patient care

Virtual Care Platforms Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

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Features of Elation EHR:

Engage With Your Patients Before Their Visit:

  • Online patient appointment scheduling.

  • Appointment notifications and reminders.

  • Check-in and intake forms populate the chart.

Provide In-Person and Virtual Care From a Single Platform:

  • Seamless virtual care workflow.

  • Appointments are configured for video.

  • See patients virtually while charting.

Make the Most of Every Patient Encounter:

  • Intuitive charting and e-ordering.

  • Templated notes, automated coding, and clinical reminders.

  • Integrated, connected patient charts pull in records from collaborating providers.

Ensure Your Patient Panel Receives High Quality, Proactive Care:

  • Automatically share care plans and treatments with patients.

  • Clinical Quality Measures dashboard.

  • Secure communication with patients and partners.

Manage and Grow Your Practice Operations Efficiently:

  • Manage tasks with a streamlined practice inbox.

  • Payments, business reports, and insights.

  • 24/7 Elation customer support right from the app.

Elation EHR