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eHealthFlex - HIS

Offers choice of technology mix (to client) for customized development of any application

Health Information Exchange Data Management (DM)

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In-Patient Department:

This module captures all details; admission, beds/rooms, treatment procedures, medicine administered & discharge process.

Out-Patient Management:

Managing patient appointments, the health history of the patients, getting diagnosis done accordingly and suggesting the medicines/tests required can be carried out with OPD management’s help. The number of visits can be monitored.

Lab Information Management:

Pathological samples suggested tests, and test reports are so well managed digitally, which is another example of the technology revolution in healthcare.

Pharmacy Management:

This well-integrated module manages & overlook the stock, supply & allocation of medicines to OPD/IPD as well as walk-ins, together with compliant tax billing.

eHealthFlex - HIS