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Edifecs: SpecBuilder

Manage partner exchanges and reduce operating costs with guidelines, transaction specifications, and maps.

Data Management

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Data is the lifeline of every organization; it offers value and new opportunities, but also carries risks. How we collect, validate and process growing amounts of data is driving many digital modernization initiatives. The consequences of poorly designed specifications can be severe and costly to resolve. Building accurate and precise data connections that enforce business policy and protect mission critical systems from failure, require a professional grade toolkit.

Edifecs SpecBuilder is an integrated and easy-to-use design-time toolkit that simplifies and accelerates authoring, testing and publishing specifications, and processing maps for all types of transaction processing.

A single tool can deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities to accelerate transaction specification development. Healthcare organizations can ensure compliance with mandates, specify data validation rules according to policy, publish companion guides, simplify trading partner integration and enhance operational efficiency. Team collaboration is enabled with seamless Smart Trading Cloud Repository integration.

Edifecs: SpecBuilder