DrCare247 Remote Patient Monitoring

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DrCare247 Remote Patient Monitoring

Personalized remote patient monitoring solution to leading hospitals, healthcare providers and communities

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an innovative solution that leverages advanced technology and wearable devices to track the vital metrics of patients in a remote location. It is a personalized remote patient monitoring solution offered by leading hospitals, healthcare providers, and communities. RPM is particularly useful for patients who are at high-risk or require long-term monitoring.

One of the significant benefits of RPM is that it allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor the health of their patients as they go about their daily lives. This real-time remote monitoring enables healthcare providers to know their patient’s health conditions from anywhere and anytime.

The RPM solution comes with an array of features that ensure personalized care for patients. For clinic/hospital use, the Provider Portal offers an Interactive Dashboard, Care Plan Management, Device Management, Assessments, Notifications, Tele-consultation (Audio/Video/Chat with remote patient), Decision support and analytics, and Clinical protocol setup.

On the other hand, the Mobile App (For Patient) provides an Interactive Dashboard, Record Vitals (Manual and/or automatic through a connected device), Historical Vital Record, Attach/Share Documents, Secure messaging, Patient education, Panic Alerts, and Tele-consultation (Audio/Video with care team).

With RPM, healthcare providers can provide personalized care to their patients, while patients can enjoy the convenience of receiving healthcare services from the comfort of their homes. If you’re interested in learning more about RPM, you can explore its features and benefits further.

DrCare247 Remote Patient Monitoring

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