Dragon Medical Advisor

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Dragon Medical Advisor

In-workflow guidance for better documentation quality and appropriate reimbursement

Clinical Documentation

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Dragon Medical Advisor, an industry‑leading Computer‑Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solution, engages physicians across inpatient, outpatient, and specialty care with evidence‑based advice that fits naturally into existing physician workflows through Dragon Medical One, allowing them more time to focus on what matters most - taking care of patients.

Inpatient Guidance

Supports improved CC/MCC capture by searching for clinical clarification opportunities based on evidence of symptoms, vital signs, diagnostic findings, and treatments as well as unspecified diagnoses.

Outpatient Guidance

Drives appropriate reimbursement and RAF scores in outpatient clinics by identifying chronic conditions and prioritizing focus.

ED Guidance

Helps promote better patient safety and improve clinical documentation quality for high‑risk conditions. It uses industry‑leading point of care content from The Sullivan Group to create more efficient emergency department workflows, align clinical decision support, and promote safety.

Dragon Medical Advisor