DocEngage Hospital Management System

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DocEngage Hospital Management System

A modern, scalable platform for hospitals to offer enhanced patient care while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue

Practice Management Hospital Administration PCM (Patient Care Management)

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DocEngage enables you to care for your patient & provide value-based care with continuous engagement, reduce patient dropout & have a relation with the patient for life.

The overall impact of all modules of DocEngage - It helps you increase the graph each of the revenue businesses, patients, etc. always up.

All the features have a complete integrated life cycle. We have complete automation for all departments & very frequently, we upgrade our products as per your input.


  • Speciality EHR
  • IVR appointment
  • Integrated billing
  • Staff ticketing management
  • Asset management
  • Patient management
  • Hospital record management
  • Patient login
  • SMS notifier
  • Email notifier
  • IVR call workflow
  • Lab management
DocEngage Hospital Management System