DispatchHealth Care Management

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DispatchHealth Care Management

DispatchHealth tucks patients back into their PCP/specialist for all follow-up care and ongoing management

Care Management

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DispatchHealth aligns with Care Management and Provider Groups to extend the reach of their clinicians after-hours, during weekends and during capacity constraints, providing prompt medical intervention to patients experiencing high acuity needs.

Patients and their healthcare providers can request care through mobile app, website, or phone call. Once a request has been made, a clinical team member will review the patients symptoms over the phone to make sure it is appropriate for our services. The DispatchHealth medical team typically arrives at a members home within a few hours with all the equipment necessary to assess, diagnose and treat complex injuries and illnesses.

DispatchHealth will call in any prescriptions, print out discharge paperwork, and send a detailed clinical summary to the primary care provider and any other pertinent care team members to ensure appropriate follow-up.

DispatchHealth Care Management