Diameter Health Solutions: Fusion

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Diameter Health Solutions: Fusion

It enables intelligent data exchange, normalization, and integration with any certified EHR systems

Interoperability EHR / Clinical Workflow

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Variation in electronic health records and clinical workflows creates disjointed, misaligned data that is poorly suited to support analytics and decision support. Fusion scrubs and enhances clinical data from any certified EHR to enable intelligent data exchange and integration.

Fusion uses scalable, high-performance parsing, natural language processing, and proprietary logic to standardize, classify, deduplicate and enrich clinical data to create a single, longitudinal patient view and enable improved patient care and analytics. Fusion also supports third-party applications through an application programming interface.


  • Fusion uses high-performance parsing and proprietary logic to normalize, classify, and enhance clinical data to support better clinical care.

  • The turnkey solution meets CMS regulatory requirements to provide members access to their health data using FHIR.

  • Imagine being able to efficiently and reliably see more clinical patient data quickly from everywhere they received care.

Diameter Health Solutions: Fusion