Daytoday Health Patient Engagement Solutions

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Daytoday Health Patient Engagement Solutions

Step by step, tailored care journeys for hospitals to guide patients throughout the preparation and recovery process

Patient Engagement

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Pre-procedure Care:

Patients are guided through all the tests, tasks, information, and mental preparation they need to be fully ready for their procedure.

Seamless Registration:

We onboard patients with minimal disruption to hospital workflow and manage care journeys in step with provider-side updates.

Post-procedure Care:

After patients are discharged, we guide them on a daily, step by step basis, with nurses checking in to answer questions and look out for any concerning symptoms.

Psychological Support:

We guide patients through condition-specific support modules such as mindfulness and breathing exercises and provide compassionate and open support through our nurse care coaches.

Remote Care:

Our treatment-specific assessments and symptom monitoring equip caregiving teams to manage patients who have returned to their lives beyond hospital walls.

Daytoday Health Patient Engagement Solutions