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Healthcare business intelligence is the process by which large scale data from the massive healthcare industry can be collected and refined into actionable insights from 4 key healthcare areas: costs, pharmaceuticals, clinical data, and patient behavior. If there is one industry in the world that reaches everybody, it is the healthcare industry. With the power to save lives, this industry must be on a continual path towards excellence. That means constantly working to progress, cut costs and improves medicines, patient care, research, and education. This information gleaned by healthcare analytics software like datapine gives invaluable insights that would otherwise be unavailable and has the power to not just improve the performance of the industry, but also to save lives.

Healthcare analytics software is a term used to describe collections of data in order to help managers to improve operational performance, clinical outcomes, overall efficiency and quality of hospital and healthcare services by utilizing healthcare analytics tools. In order to perform successfully and improve patient’s care, a hospital must take charge of a wide range of insights, from hospital management, costs, diagnoses, and patient records. All of the big data in healthcare must be handled in the most discreet way, respecting patients’ privacy and sensible information.

Handling endless paperwork can be easily organized and managed by using a healthcare analytics software, and by choosing right healthcare metrics that create a stable data management environment and improves staff productivity while increasing patients’ satisfaction levels. In order to do so, professionals should utilize healthcare analytics tools that can connect various data sources and provide a stable management environment in which patients, doctors, nurses, families, and everyone involved in delicate situations should feel safe. That being said, business intelligence software for healthcare can utilize data to predict how many patients are expected to be received in a hospital on a daily and hourly basis, thanks to machine learning abilities and intelligent forecasts.


  • Financial planning

  • Evaluating performance

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Coordinating communication

  • Managing reputation

  • Predicting the future

  • Supporting and improving decision-making

  • Data visualization

datapine Healthcare Analytics

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