Do you know anyone using Data at the Point of Care ?

As patients move throughout the healthcare system, providers often struggle to gain and maintain a complete picture of their medical history. Data at the Point of Care fills in the gaps with claims data to inform providers with secure, structured patient history, past procedures, medication adherence, and more.

How Does Data at the Point of Care Reduce Your Burden and Help you Improve Care?

Reveals the Claims History of Your New Patients:

Avoid having to rely on paper, faxes, or the patients memory to know past diagnoses, procedures, and medications.

Lets you see the Care That Patients are Receiving From a Variety of Sources:

Learn about visits to other clinics, new diagnoses and medications completed procedures and preventive items, and urgent care, hospital, or ER visits.

Gives Insight Into Your Patients Medication History:

View medications that were filled at the pharmacy to learn about possible gaps in medication history.

Data at the Point of Care