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Curaguard's Health monitoring

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Curaguard™ is simple to set up and use, so wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, the system will relay the information in real-time to whoever you’ve chosen – family, friends, doctors, or other healthcare professionals. So if readings fall outside of the pre-set parameters, an alert is generated to the appropriate care team to make a timely intervention if necessary.

In addition to real-time monitoring of your vital signs, Curaguard’s dynamic dashboard provides access to historic data, allowing comparison of vital signs over time, an invaluable resource for identifying and keeping track of emerging patterns of health.


  • ALERTS Somebody to watch over you 24/7: Powered by real- time monitoring and dashboard access, Curaguard keeps watch over you around the clock and informs family, friends and healthcare professionals if you need their help.

  • REMINDERS Always there to help: At whatever age, we can all do with a reminder now and then. A note stuck on the fridge, a message left on your answerphone, a text or an email. But when it comes to your health, a quick reminder can prevent you from feeling unwell, avoid a trip to the hospital or even save your life.

  • FALL PROTECTION Someone to catch you: Unlike many other fall alert systems, Curaguard does not require an individual to report an event by pressing an alert button, instead automatically sensing the fall and automatically alerting a CuraGuard operative, ensuring an immediate response even if the patient is incapacitated.

Curaguard's Health monitoring

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