CrowdStrike Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution

CrowdStrike, Inc.

CrowdStrike Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution

CrowdStrike protects healthcare systems from cyberattacks, so you can focus on delivering quality patient care


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Whether your infrastructure is on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, Falcon deploys in seconds and is operational with zero down-time, reboots, or scan storms.

CrowdStrike provides scalable cloud-native products and complete turnkey services to help you now. We protect endpoints from any location, on-and-off your network. The cloud-native Falcon platform combines threat intelligence, and response services to seamlessly support your rapid transition to a remote workforce, and telemedicine.

The Falcon platform deploys in hours, not weeks or months. The lightweight Falcon agent doesn’t require a reboot to install and goes to work immediately, ensuring continuity of care without disruption.

The Falcon platform unifies visibility, prevention, detection, and threat intelligence across Windows, Linux, Macs, mobile devices (iOS and Android), servers, virtual servers/desktops, containers, and public clouds (AWS, Google, and Azure).

CrowdStrike Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution