Corepoint One™ by Lyniate


Corepoint One™ by Lyniate

A turnkey, cloud-based interoperability solution powered by the industry’s #1 ranked integration engine

Interoperability Health Information Exchange

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With Corepoint One™, you leverage the decades of integration expertise from Corepoint Health professionals to completely manage and optimize your cloud’s integrated environment. Corepoint One™ is a reliable, effective, and efficient solution that frees up your team from integration activities to focus on what they do best: improving healthcare.


  • Focus on creating value in your organization by leveraging integration rather than simply building and operating it.

  • Stop worrying about how transitioning employees will impact day-to-day operations in your engine environment.

  • Rest easy knowing your integration environment is monitored and managed 24/7/365.

  • Receive the highest levels of physical, technical, and operational security measures to protect your data.

  • Rely on Corepoint Healths consultants to formulate your interoperability strategy and stay on top of the latest industry standards.

  • Establish predictable costs that scale with the scale of your requirements.

Corepoint One™ by Lyniate