Contactless Patient Intake

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Contactless Patient Intake

Automate patient check-in, clinical documentation, billing and more with the leading platform for intelligent intake automation

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Keeping your staff and patients safe is now more important than ever. While many providers are transitioning to telehealth, we know some patients still require in-person care.

Praktice AI’s new Zero-Contact Intake offering helps you perform all of the necessary intake tasks while reducing contact between patients and staff. Patients complete their registration from their home, car, or personal space, using Praktice AI Mobile technology.

Staff can manage the intake process from a remote location without needing to handle patients' paperwork, ID cards, insurance cards or credit cards. Zero-Contact Intake is just one of the ways Praktice is helping our clients meet the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.

Screen All Patients for COVID-19 Risk:

Not only fever, symptoms, risk to contagion, genetic, but environmental factors also screened for everyone entering the hospital.

Contactless Patient Intake