Consensus Harmony

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Consensus Harmony

One integrated API for healthcare

Application Programming Interface (API)

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Access numerous endpoints, securely and simply with one API connectivity and avoid developing one-offs to disparate healthcare systems. Bridge the gap between multiple systems, standards, and data sets, using a single point of access for developing interoperability.

Consensus Harmony includes Universal Healthcare APIs, cloud fax APIs, electronic signature APIs, and connectivity to multiple participating EHR partners and other leading industry cloud marketplaces.


  • A single set of RESTful APIs to connect all the aggregated networks used in healthcare.

  • Focus on core operating systems that help you facilitate better patient care.

  • Flexible interoperability options to programmatically integrate digital faxing, secure messaging, patient record requests, e-signatures, and more into key workflows like payments, prior authorizations, and referrals.

  • Extend your capabilities and access new information networks by partnering and leveraging community providers already integrated.

  • Incorporate all forms of patient information in your workflows both structured and unstructured.

Consensus Harmony