Connect Video

Monscierge, LLC

Connect Video

Provide a safe and secure digital on-site contactless telehealth experience for patients and staff


Do you know anyone using Connect Video?

Connect Video is the secure on-site patient video platform.


Minimize Physical Interaction

Purpose-built to decrease physical interaction and minimize infection risk.

Save Valuable PPE

No need to utilize protective equipment for discussions or questions handled via video.

Unique On-Site TeleHealth

Built for healthcare to be used on-site by staff and patients.


HIPAA compliant and secure end-to-end encryption video experience.

  • Patient Intake

Assist patient intake with secure Telehealth video chat between patient and staff.

Patient Monitoring

Enable staff to monitor and speak with patients who are in isolation.

Patient Empathy

Provide patients a way to see the smile of their healthcare team away from masks and PPE.

Connect Video