Concurrent Coding for Oncology

NeuralFrame, Inc.

Concurrent Coding for Oncology

Our medically-trained artificial intelligence (AI) software converts unstructured medical text into structured data

Oncology Electronic Data Processing

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Leveraging the deep expertise of a prominent oncologist and the technical expertise of leading engineers, our software quickly and accurately converts unstructured data into structured data. It creates the codes and fields you need to be populated for reports and forms across your organization, saving significant processing time, increasing throughput, and reducing costs throughout your institution.

NeuralFrame helps you in:

  • Timely registry submissions
  • Case identification
  • Accurate invoicing
  • Co-morbidity identification

Founded in 2017, NeuralFrame has developed our software to be the gold standard for concurrent oncology coding. Our expert physicians and leading engineers believe faster processing with more insight means a higher quality healthcare system that doesnt just save time but saves lives.

Concurrent Coding for Oncology