COALA Real-Time Heart Monitoring System

Coala Life Inc.

COALA Real-Time Heart Monitoring System

The only patch-free Remote Heart Monitor that provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously

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Virtual Cardiac Diagnostics:

The COALA is ideal to prescribe to patients with palpitations and intermittent symptoms of possible arrhythmias requiring a long-term monitoring solution. It’s unique dual-lead ECG solution captures accurate, clinically relevant cardiac data when symptoms occur. It’s the only smartphone-based solution with automatic AF detection based on advanced pattern recognition algorithms.

Real-time visibility to results ensures physicians can efficiently progress symptomatic patients along the treatment path.

Enabling True Real-Time Telemedicine:

Prescribe COALA as a short or long-term monitoring solution to help diagnose symptomatic arrhythmias or murmurs. No wires, no patches, no waiting for reports, and no unexpected bills for the patient.

Recordings are easy to access with automatic interpretation and real-time reports in the cloud-based Coala care portal. As it’s fully reimbursed, the COALA ensures your team’s time is covered, and at minimum, patient co-pay.

COALA Real-Time Heart Monitoring System