CloudMedx Coding Analyzer

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CloudMedx Coding Analyzer

An augmentation tool for coders and billers that provides the necessary alerts to manage medical coding

Coding / Billing And Claims

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The Coding Analyzer provides empirical (statistically based) risks and perspectives on related conditions, drugs, tests, and other factors. This provides a holistic perspective for both clinical and billing services.

The Coding Analyzer:

• Mines both structured and unstructured data.

• Uses NLP and machine learning to gain insights from data.

• Provides collaboration tools between providers and billers.

The solution helps improve operational efficiency by:

• Using advanced NLP algorithms to convert clinical notes into the relevant ICD codes.

• Allowing providers and payers to be reimbursed based on health status or “actuarial risk” of a patient population. It is designed to pay health plans more precisely for the anticipated health costs of a patient population by adjusting payments based on demographics and health status. These attributes are used to generate a risk score - a measure of a patient’s cost to a plan.

CloudMedx Coding Analyzer