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Cloud Services

Increase safety, data security, and system performance, by moving your on-base server into the cloud

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Do you know anyone using Cloud Services?

At Quatris Healthco, we know the importance of protecting and having access to patient data when needed, and we have the expertise to manage your server’s data maintenance and security. Running athenaPractice off your local server requires constant attention and expert management - using our Cloud service means you won’t have to worry about uptime, updates, or even cyber thieves looking to steal your practices data.

Cloud technology allows you to take your athenaPractice records and move them from your local server to our cloud-based solution. Quatris Healthco’s cloud service is based on a remote desktop connection - you log in to a website that launches your connection and access your billing, indexing, portals, and hospital connections from that remote desktop.

Why Move Your Data to the Cloud?

  • Improve system performance
  • High availability and uptime
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Disaster recovery & increased security
  • Cost-effective
Cloud Services