Clinigence Health's Population Health Management

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Clinigence Health's Population Health Management

Enable your care management teams to access a holistic view of a population or individual member/patient

Symplur: Population Health Management

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The ability to engage patients that might have adverse events and/or a high likelihood of hospital admission is paramount. Prospective identification and earlier engagement of patients/members reduces the cost of care and supports higher quality outcomes.

They can also utilize our integrated predictive model to anticipate and intervene in situations before an adverse event occurs.


  • Segment populations by risk, disease, and cost.
  • Stratify by clinical morbidity, projected costs, or disease.
  • Identify and respond to clinical drivers of risk due to comorbidities, readmissions, pharmacy gaps for chronic conditions, and care coordination.
  • Leverage predictive model tools to assess likelihood of admission, use of resources, future medical and pharmacy costs, and other issues.
Clinigence Health's Population Health Management