Clinical Spend Management Software

Curvo Labs, Inc.

Clinical Spend Management Software

Automate and modernize your hospital's supply chain

Supply Chain Return on Investment (ROI) Managed Cloud & Network Services

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Curvo’s cloud-based platform makes it faster and easier than ever for hospitals to organize data, identify opportunities, run sourcing projects, and capture supply chain savings.

How it Works:

Step 1:

Upload your purchase history data. Just drag-and-drop.

Step 2:

Review the customized savings plan and spend analysis.

Step 3:

Target categories, collaborate on projects and send vendors to Curvo.

Step 4:

Track your savings & take control of local contracting.


Automate Manual Work:

Automate your sourcing process. Curvo eliminates the manual work of pulling data, cross-referencing, and head to head negotiations. Get to more. Faster.

Source More Efficiently:

Curvo gives you control over your own sourcing process.

Save More Money:

Clinical spend is one of your biggest opportunities. Curvo™ gives you the tools to shorten long contracting cycles and get to more of your delayed and missed sourcing projects.

Clinical Spend Management Software