Clinical Decision Support

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Clinical Decision Support

Up to date and evidence-based clinical information is the bedrock of safe healthcare services.

Clinical Decision Support Evidence-Based Care

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Our products and services enable healthcare providers around the world to make consistent and evidence-based clinical decisions for their patients and empower individuals to make better decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

Our tele-health products include:

  • Telephone-based patient assessment (TeleGuides content)

  • Web or app-based self-assessment (WebGuides content).

Our content can be used within many applications, such as tele-triage and contact centres, web and mobile applications, face-to-face assessment and self-assessment.

The clinical content is used in decision support tools to help assess a patient’s presenting symptoms and the severity of the situation. This leads to an evidence-based outcome, and an efficient and timely referral to appropriate care.

The aim of the content is not to make a diagnosis, but to determine whether a patient requires medical help. It is designed to ask enough questions to direct the patient to the right healthcare provider within the right timeframe without gathering information which has no impact on the final decision or advice given.

Capita’s decision support software guides users through a series of questions to assess symptoms and directs to the appropriate level and location of care. The questions are structured so that the most important questions are asked first to rule-out ‘red flag’ symptoms that may require an ambulance or emergency room care.

In-built logic allows questioning to be tailored to individual patients and ensures that only questions appropriate to the patient’s age or gender are asked and minimising duplication of questions regarding presenting symptoms.

Transfer between algorithms is also designed into the structure of the content, if it is deemed that a different symptom to the one currently being assessed is clinically significant and needs more assessment.

Clinical Decision Support