Chronic Care Management Software by Continuouscare™

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Chronic Care Management Software by Continuouscare™

Designed with care givers in mind - We let you focus on what's important, your patients and their health

#ChronicCareManagement Complex Chronic Care Management (CCM)

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Choose from a comprehensive list of 49+ health trackers to create custom chronic care plans for illnesses like diabetes, thyroid care, hypertension, post-surgery care, pain management, heart disease, etc.

Remote Monitoring:

Define timelines for patients to update their health readings. Also, set expectations for when their readings will be reviewed.

Care Teams:

Create chronic care monitoring teams who can view your patients' health data and manage your health monitoring plans.

Multiple Plans:

Create different care plans for patients with different chronic illnesses to cater to their specific needs.

Easy Health Assessments:

Help patients manage their chronic illnesses by viewing how they are doing on your care plans over time through helpful dashboard views.

Timely Intervention:

View patient prognosis and intervene when necessary to prevent complications due to chronic illnesses.

Chronic Care Management Software by Continuouscare™