ChartLogic Revenue Cycle Management

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ChartLogic Revenue Cycle Management

Allow a top medical billing company to manage your billing & collections so you can focus on patients

Revenue Cycle Management Coding / Billing And Claims

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services take the billing burden off the medical office, liberating providers and staff to concentrate on patient care. Your staff never needs to touch the billing system again. Our combination of expertise and leading-edge technology improves your performance without increasing costs, saving money for patient care.

Let ChartLogic Billing assume the responsibility for coding accuracy, charge reconciliation, contract compliance, and more while providing your practice staff full access to work in progress and the associated financial data. Your bottom line is important, and every element in your practice contributes to that.


Beyond Standard eEligibility:

At ChartLogic, we dive deeper into eEligibility so you will know exactly what to expect for that patient and their relationship with the insurance provider.

Coding Assistance:

Better coding allows your practice to maximize reimbursement and save time by not having to go back and change codes.

ChartLogic Revenue Cycle Management