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Certinell Telehealth Solutions

Enable out-of-the-box care for complex patients to improve their health in the comfort of their own home

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows a patient to use a connected medical device to perform a routine test and send it to a health care professional. RPM increases access to care, reduces healthcare delivery costs, and helps safety-net providers see beyond episodic patient visits to create a continuous real-time patient record, changing health care workflows from reactive to proactive in support of value-based care (VBC).

Certintell optimizes care for community health centers by providing care coordination from a virtual medical team (Physicians, ARNPs, and Certified Clinical Health Coaches). Care is delivered through the JoinCareTeam™ telehealth portal, streamlining the process of engaging and caring for patients.

All Certintell Health Coaches receive their Certificate of Competency as a Clinical Health Coach®. Care coordination begins by scheduling and completing initial preventative care assessments, saving care teams time, and ensuring quality care is delivered.

Certinell Telehealth Solutions