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CCM Health Services

A new revenue stream and better clinical outcomes

Chronic Care Management Remote Patient Monitoring

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CCM health partners with you to deliver virtual care programs for at risk populations. A typical physician can earn additional revenue while offering remote monitoring programs that can improve patient health.

CCM and RPM Services Can Have A Significant Impact On Population Health

Educate Patients

Educate patients regarding medicine, diet and other ways of managing their better health.

Alleviate Shortages

Alleviate shortages in health care providers by making providers more efficient.

Save Lives

Save lives, reduce hospitalizations and readmissions, improve quality of life, and reduce pain and suffering.

Health Encouragement

Encourage patients to engage in their own health.


Increase productivity through reduced absenteeism by 40.8%.


Decrease Emergency room visits and hospitalization rate by up to 70%.

CCM Health Services