Casenet TruCare Analytics™

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Casenet TruCare Analytics™

TruCare analytics mines claims, social determinant, and clinical data in its modeling process

Analytics Population Health Management

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It delivers actionable information that helps healthcare organizations identify and mitigate population, quality, and cost risks to improve individual’s health and lower costs. Organizational and provider dashboards, as well as individual profiles, outline quality and performance measures as well acute episode and transition risk. For many plans, value-based contracts are supported by this analytics data as it helps ensure care is economically effective.


Identify High-risk Members

By processing and synthesizing large quantities of data into consumable, readable information, the solution enables member population segmentation as well as individual at-risk member identification.

Conduct and Act on Predictive Risk Analysis

The TruCare component integrates with the TruCare platform and populates individual member’s records with risk, gap-in-care, and other indicators specific to that member.

Report and Analyze Health Outcomes Data

TruCare provides the data needed to oversee and evaluate both clinical and financial risk.

Casenet TruCare Analytics™