Carthera SonoCloud Technology


Carthera SonoCloud Technology

Unlocking and harnessing the efficacy of new and existing therapies to enhance treatment of brain diseases

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The BBB blocks the penetration, and thus potential therapeutic effects, of over 95% of small molecule and 100% of large molecule drugs in the brain. SonoCloud® uses the therapeutic potential of pulsed ultrasound to temporarily disrupt the blood-brain barrier (BBB). By using SonoCloud®, the therapeutic efficacy of new and existing therapies can be unlocked and harnessed to improve the treatment of a wide range of brain diseases.

The SonoCloud® device is implanted in a skull window, below the skin, and is invisible. When activated for few minutes using a transdermal needle connection to an external control unit, the BBB is disrupted for several hours, leading to a window where drug therapies can be administered. By administering therapies when the BBB is disrupted, drugs can reach the brain in higher and more effective concentrations. This treatment can be repeated at each cycle of drug therapy.

Carthera® has developed several versions of SonoCloud®, including the SonoCloud-1 and SonoCloud-9 devices. These MRI-compatible devices are designed to disrupt large regions of the BBB to increase therapeutic efficacy of drugs in targeted brain regions and are currently in clinical trials for glioblastoma, brain metastases, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Carthera SonoCloud Technology

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