CareVoyant Medical Billing Software

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CareVoyant Medical Billing Software

Integrate billing and accounts receivable functions with patient registration, eligibility verification, authorization, and collections

Medical Billing

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CareVoyant cloud-based medical billing software is a holistic medical billing and accounts receivable solution for healthcare service providers. The software is capable of meeting disparate requirements of different services and payers. CareVoyant can bill using UB, 1500, invoices, or statements.


Intake Admission:

Use HL7 or Web Services interface to transfer patient information to CareVoyant.

Use multiple concurrent admission records to maintain clinical and financial records for services provided through different lines of service.

Billing & Accounts Receivable:

Bring billing and accounts receivable functions together for multiple lines of business.

Handle UB04 and 1500 requirements (Paper and Electronic) together.


Proactively monitor key performance indicators by organizing information charts in one screen.

View key metrics in a timely manner and take corrective action.

CareVoyant Medical Billing Software