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CareVoyant is a comprehensive enterprise-level software platform for home care agencies that offers multiple lines of services, including Private Duty Nursing, Private Duty Non-Medical Personal Care, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), Home Health, and Pediatric Home Care services. One of the notable features of CareVoyant is its ability to manage all services under one patient and one employee record, making it a single system of records for home care agencies.

The software offers a range of functions, including Intake, Authorization, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Secure Messaging, Portals, Reports, and Dashboards. These functions streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to your agency.

One of the key benefits of using CareVoyant is its integrated software, which allows agencies to efficiently manage one or more lines of service. The software also provides a power of one/single system of record, which improves operational efficiency in all aspects of agency management by reducing manual efforts, automating key processes, and providing proactive alerts and validations.

Another benefit of CareVoyant is its scalability. The software can accommodate agency growth across multiple geographic locations and services. CareVoyant also keeps your agency compliant with various regulations through configurable validations at each stage from intake through billing.

Scheduling can be a challenging aspect of home care agency management, but CareVoyant makes it easy and efficient. The software assists schedulers through intelligent matching, scheduling within authorized care, overtime management, shift differentials, and split shifts.

CareVoyant handles all disparate and complex billing requirements for Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Private Insurance and Private Pay. The built-in claim scrubber ensures compliance and sends clean claims, significantly improving cash flow.

Reporting is another essential feature of CareVoyant, with reports and dashboards providing real-time information for effective management of home care agencies. Users can customize and schedule reports, which will proactively deliver information to their inbox.

Effective communication is crucial for efficient management of home care agencies and high quality of care. CareVoyant tools such as secure messaging, communication logs, portals, care coordination, and schedule monitor facilitate communication among employees, patient families, and care professionals.

At CareVoyant, innovation starts with listening to everyday observations, ideas, and requirements, and translating them into solutions that improve the quality of care and operational efficiency. It is not just a transaction, but a partnership between the agency and CareVoyant.

CareVoyant - Home Care Software

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