Caretaker - Wireless Patient Monitor

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Caretaker - Wireless Patient Monitor

The world's most innovative patient monitor that uses a simple finger cuff to measure physiological parameters

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Caretaker, the world’s most innovative patient monitor, using a simple finger cuff to measure Continuous Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure (“CNIBP”), Heart Rate, and other physiological parameters, provides safe, secure, and accurate patient monitoring via a secure Android App, HIPAA-compliant Cloud Portal, or interfaces with other patient monitoring systems.

What Can It Monitor?

Using our FDA Cleared finger-cuff and Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology, the Caretaker non-invasively and continuously measures:


A comfortable finger cuff measures Continuous, Non-Invasive, Beat-by-Beat Systolic, Diastolic, and Mean Arterial Pressure measured with each heartbeat, including waveforms.

Heart Rate:

Heart rate measurement equivalent to traditional three-wire ECG, providing visualization of rhythm and pulse features.

Blood Oxygen Level:

wireless pulse-oximetry fully integrated into the Caretaker App and Cloud.

Respiration Rate:

Wireless Respiratory Rate using our low-pressure finger cuff.

Caretaker - Wireless Patient Monitor