CarePort Referral Management

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CarePort Referral Management

Receive, respond and review all patient referral activity in a single electronic system

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A Total Solution for Referral Automation and Post-Acute Discharge Planning:

  • Automatically receive and respond to referrals, and discharge patients to another level of care.

  • Receive alerts of incoming referrals to your computer or mobile device to minimize missed referral opportunities.

  • Customize worklists that fit your intake process and enter referrals from non-electronic sources.

  • Increase visibility to referral sources in the CarePort database.

  • Admit patients right from the referral worklist, eliminating manual entry and helping to retain key data.

Improve Patient Engagement and Satisfaction With a Streamlined Care Transition Process:

  • Select the right care provider for your patients next level of care needs.

  • Generate comprehensive reports.

  • Integrate with post-acute EHRs to eliminate the re-keying of referral information.

CarePort Referral Management