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Careology Professional, our web-based platform, enables virtual rounds, provides real-time visibility across your population of patients and better informed consultations . With this insight you can see potential issues, giving you the chance to intervene early and a better understanding of how patients are tolerating their treatment. Careology transforms the efficiency and quality of care.

Careology Professional provides you with both historic and real-time visibility of your patients. This allows you to conduct virtual rounds with your remote patients and see the cumulative effects of treatment over time. Careology transforms the efficiency and quality of care you can deliver. By equipping your patients to be more active in managing their own health, in tandem with proactive remote monitoring tools, Careology can help avoid complications and ultimately improve outcomes.


  • Reduced Complications

We know that time can be of the essence, and having sight of possible complications early can make a world of difference as to how issues can be resolved.

Careology Professional gives you real-time oversight of your entire population, providing the information and insight that makes earlier interventions possible.

  • Real Time Patient Insights

Careology delivers real-time monitoring of a broad range of key metrics - from vital signs and wellbeing measures, to SACT toxicities, medication adherence and more.

  • A 360° View

Bringing together historic wellbeing metrics and real-time data, Careology Professional allows healthcare teams to assess their patients, to see how they are tolerating treatment and to make interventions early. Symptoms, side effects, medication adherence, patient journal entries and more, are all at your fingertips.

  • Digital Questionnaires

Our innovative Questionnaire Engine enables healthcare providers to send, schedule and receive clinical questionnaires, such as PROMs, HNAs, COVID pre-appointment assessments, frailty scores, etc. Valuable patient insights and longitudinal data are collected, reported and analysed in Careology Professional, aiding clinical communication, health outcomes and the delivery of care.

Careology Professional Platform

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