CareLink Telemedicine Cart

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CareLink Telemedicine Cart

Telemedicine video communication cart

Telemedicine Chronic Care Management

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The CareLink Telemedicine Cart is equipped to enable video communication and the use of diagnostic peripherals facilitating virtual care and timely diagnostics. CareLink connects doctors with remote patients in real-time, increasing access, and timeliness to care.

Designed For:

  • Remote-site care
  • Specialist assessment and consultation
  • Stroke diagnosis and care
  • Behavioral health
  • Interpreter services

Key Features:

  • Offers I/O Pod plug-n-play capabilities to integrate medical peripheral cameras and scopes with customer supplied PC or Codec.

  • Ventilated storage cabinet for housing PCs or Codecs.

  • Optional storage drawer for diagnostic peripherals.

  • Optional mounts for video or web camera above the monitor.

  • Integration partners offer enhancements and can customize based on desired peripherals.

  • Customer or partner provided monitor, speaker and camera shown.

  • Supports Single or Dual Monitor easily view the far-end physician and self-view if desired.

CareLink Telemedicine Cart