CareClix Chronic Care Management

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CareClix Chronic Care Management

CareClix offers a chronic care management program that you can include in your patient telemedicine services package

Chronic Care Management

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CareClixs cloud-based virtual health software includes a predictive analysis capability that helps you identify patients who are candidates for a Chronic Care Management Program.

Document patient virtual chronic care management visits through CareClix. Chronic care management is fully reimbursable under Medicare. We bill Medicare; then you pay us when you receive reimbursement.


Cloud-Based Platform:

CareClix software is compliant with HIPAA/HITECH patient privacy requirements.

Log for CMS Audits:

CareClix logs each encounter your chronic care patients have with your Chronic Care Management Program.

EHR Integration:

CareClix securely integrates directly into all major EHR systems and peripherals, more than 200 devices monitoring 14 patient vitals.

Billing Support:

In addition to managing your Medicare reimbursement claims for you, CareClix advises you on the best CMS billing practices, so you can be confident in your compliance with billing requirements.

CareClix Chronic Care Management